BCC Cement


BCC Cement was launched in the year of 2007,& achieved profound success in the short. BCC Cement an ISO 9001: 2008 Certification company production facilities with well equipped labs to ensure Quality parameters.

BCC Ordinary Portland Cement :

BCC Ordinary Portland cement is available in 33, 43 and 53 Grades. Available in the 43/53 graded cement are preferable, as it ensures complete reactivity and resulting in smooth, dense and water tight concrete, averting problems of corrosion and seepage. BCC Ordinary Portland cement is obtained by grinding the Clinker with 2% to 5% Gypsum.These are ground in an open or closed circuit ball mill to a desired fineness of 350-400 M2/kg.


Quality control :

Rigorous quality control by a team of experts with hourly sampling makes BCC Cement nearly flawless.This careful analysis and quality control,from raw material to the final product,ensures highest standers of quality.

Better clinkerisation :

Higher clinker speed pre-heater equipped with pyrotop technology enables better clinkerisation and superior clinker quality.

Superior grinding :

Using the latest roller press and cement mill technology, equipped withVSK separator gives BCC Cement optimum fineness with consistent particle size distribution.

Qualified plant operators :

Qualified engineers who are specially trained at the KDH facility look after all the aspects of plant operations.


Comparison of BCC CEMENT with Indian Standards (OPC 43 Grade)

Physical Properties Fineness (Blaine’s), mm/kg Our offering 390 (IS-8112-1989) 225 Min.
Setting Time (Minites
IST Not less than
FST Not More than
65 Mins
125 Mins
30 Minutes
600 Minutes
Compressive Strength (MPa)
3 Days (Minimum)7 Days (Minimum)
28 Days (Minimum)
25 Mpa
36 Mpa
44.5 Mpa
23 Mpa
33 Mpa 43
Expansion (mm)
Not more than
1.0 mm
10 Max.
0.8 Max.
Dry shrinkage (mm)
Not more than
0.05-0.10 (% by wt.) 0.15
Chemical Properties:
Loss on ignition (%By Mass)
Magnesia (Mgo) (%By Mass)
Insoluble residue (% By Mas)
Sulphur Trioxide (So,) (% By Mass)
Chlorides (% By Mass)
1.32 %
2.47 %
1.91 %
1.75 %
0.012 %
5.0 %
6.0 %
3.0 %
3.0 %
0.1 %
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