BCC Premium Interior Emulsion

Luxury emulsion which has a rich, satin and smooth finish which maintains a fresh look for years and having excellent covering and durability
For desired results, proper surface preparation is very important. Freshly plastered surface should be
fully cured and completely dry at the time of painting. All surfaces must be sound, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, wax, chalky or loose paint, rust, mildew, efflorescence, algae or fungus or any other contamination that would adversely affect the performance of the coating. All cracks and voids or minor damages should be filled by using mixture of white cement and fine sand in the ratio of 1 : 3 before application of primer / paint.

Features Description
Areas of Application Ceiling and Plaster / Brick work / Asbestos cement sheet / hard and
soft boards etc.
Drying Time Depends upon condition of temperature and Humidity.

Touch Dry: 30 minutes

Recoating Interval: 3-4 hours
Thinner Clean Water
Finish Smooth with a slight sheen
Coverage Coverage will vary according to the porosity and texture of surface. On normal and smooth surface the coverage will be 18-22 2 / ltr / coat
Application Brush / Roller / Spray
Shade White
Clean Up Clean all equipment with water immediately after use
Packings 20 It / 10 It / 4 It / 1 It
Material Handling Store in a cool & dry place;Stir contents well and strain before use Tightly container when not in use Do not over thin or over extend the brush
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