BCC Ready Mix Plaster

BCC READY MIX PLASTER is a ready made mixture of Cement & Silica with right composition of high quality polymer additive. BCC READY MIX PLASTER is specially designed for use with water to provide stronger and more durable plaster with excellent strength.
Method of Application :-
Pre-wetting of surface is required before applying plaster. Clay brick masonry wall, should be saturated one day before. Apply the mix to the surface using a trowel in a smooth even motion working from the base of the surface upwards to reduce wastage.
Preparation of BCC Ready MIX PLASTER
Add approximately,add water and 7-8 liters of water per 40 kg bag of BCC READY MIX PLASTER. Mixing should be done for 5- 10 minutes depending upon the speed of the mixing equipment.The correct ratio of water and BCC READY MIX PLASTER is essential for better results.

Features Description
Appearance Greyish granular dry powder
Packaging 1/5/20/40 kgs bags
Storage Conditions Dry
Shelf Life 6 Moths in unopended manufactures packing
Max. Aggregate Size < 1.5 mm
Water Requirement approx. 3 Liters for 20 kg. bag
Pol Life 1 Hour
Hard Dry 24 Hour
Coverage 8 Sqft / 20 kg bag @ 10mm thickness
As per IS : 15477-2044 & IS 4031-(Part-6) 1988
Curing Time 3-4 Days
Compressive Strength @ 28 Days > 9 N / mm
Durability Intial surface absorption-NIL
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