BCC Tile Adhesive

BCC Tile adhesive is grey cement based high polymer modified quick set tile adhesive. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like concrete, plaster, etc. BBC Tile Adhesive forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent “grab” properties.This is an ideal product for tile fixing applications. BCC Tile adhesive is used for fixing all types of tiles on interior & exterior use like external wall,floor, kitchen, bathroom wall I, corridor, lobby, meeting rooms, halls etc.

Features Description
Description BCC Tile Adhesive-GP is a polymer based cementtitious general purpose tile adhesive. It can be used as a thin or thick bed adhesive for fixing ceramic, mosaic, marble, granite, and wall or floor tiles.
Advantages Good water resistance

Excellent adhesion on concrete or plastered surfaces

Permanent Tile fixing

Chloride free

Non-toxic and suitable for drinking water contact

Most economical and good performance levels

As the applied material will be covered with tiles, hence no curing is required

Uses Bonding ceramic wall tiles and mosaic tiles for exterior and interior floors and walls in bathrooms, toilets, shower recesses, laundries and swimming pools. Can be most suitably applied over rendered brick work, brick masonry and concrete surfaces.
Properties Appearance:Grey Powder

Colour:Generally Grey

Mixing Ratio:3-4 parts powder(by wt)to be mixed with 1 part of water

Coverage:About 2.5 to 3 kg material is required to cover area of 1mm with 3mm thick when applied with a notch trowel

Working Time:30-60 minutes (approx)

Curing:No curing required as material is covered with tiles
Cleaning Uncured material may be removed with water. Hardened material may be removed mechanically
Application Surface Preparation:The surface must be structurally sound, level and free from excess moisture, grease. All plastered surfaces should be finished with a wooden float. Dampen all porous surfaces with water and wipe off excess water before the application of tile adhesive

Wall Application:Spread the cement based adhesive as mixed on
the surface using a 3 mm notched trowel when laying ceramic wall tiles. Do not spread the ready material more than 1mm at a time. If the adhesive dries due to excessive delay in affixing the tiles, remove the dried adhesive and comb out a fresh layer. The underside of the tile must be made in good contact with the adhesive by twisting each tile slightly on the adhesive bed or tap the tile carefully with the handle of a hammer while the positioning of the tile is being carried out. When laying out large areas, care should be taken to make provision for expansion joints both vertical and horizontally
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