BCC Hi-Gloss Synthetic enamel

BCC Hi-Gloss Synthetic enamel is a high gloss, hard drying enamel based on special alkyd resin. It is recommended for use as a finish coat on metals, wood and plaster in both interior and exterior surfaces. The product has excellent flow and brushability to give a smooth and uniform finish. It provides a tough glossy film which is water and stain resistant.

Features Description
Areas of Application Wood, Metal, Plaster and other suitably primed surfaces
Drying Time Depends upon condition of temperature and Humidity.

Touch Dry: Approx 2-3 hours

Hard Dry: Overnight

Recoating Interval: 8-10 hours
Thinner Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)
Finish Smooth & Glossy
Coverage 18-22mm / ltr / coat by brush on a properly prepared surface,smooth and non-absorbent surface (15-20 micron DFT)
Application Brush / Spray
Shade White & Colours
Viscosity 140-150 seconds @ 30°C by Ford Cup B-4
Flash Point Above 30°C
Primer to be used Ferrous Metals — Red Oxide Metal Primers

Wood — Pink / White wood Primer

Plaster — Cement Primer Surfacer (solvent thinnable)
Packings 20 It / 10 It / 4 It / 1 It / 500 ml / 200 ml / 100 ml / 50 ml
Material Handling Store in a cooI & dry and well ventilated place Place away from ignition and fire Stir well before use Tightly seal container when not in use Do not over thin the paint or over extend the brush
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