BCC Red Oxide Metal Primer

BCC Red Oxide Metal Primer is the most economical base primer for metal surfaces, new or old machinery, iron grills and gates, steel windows and steel furniture etc. It is based on quality resins to provide quick drying and surface adhesion

Features Description
Areas of Application Ferrous Metals
Drying Time Depends upon condition of temperature and Humidity.

Touch Dry: 00-45 minutes

Hard Dry: 6 hours
Thinner Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)
Finish Smooth and Matt
Coverage 15-18 m/ ltr / coat by brush on a smooth prepared surface
Application Brush / Spray
Shade Red Oxide
Clean Up Clean all equipment with MTO immediately after use
Packings 20 lt / 10 lt / 4 lt / 1 It / 500 ml / 200 ml
Material Handling Store in a cool & dry place. Stir well before use
Surface Preparation Ensure that the surface to be primed is free from dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease and foreign matter. Clean surface properly and remove all loose matter. Add recommended thinner to obtain brushable consistency. Apply one coat of Red Oxide Metal Primer. Allow drying time of6-8 hours, sand surface lightly with emery paper 320 / 400 and wipe clean the surface before application of top finish coating.
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