BCC Surfaces White Primer

BCC Surfaces White Primer is a solvent thinnable economical primer for interior use. It has excellent adhesion and sealing properties. It can be used on matured plastered walls, concrete, asbestos cement sheets, brick work and wooden surfaces (universal use).

Features Description
Areas of Application Interior Walls / Concrete / Brick Work / Wooden Surface.
Drying Time Depends upon condition of temperature and Humidity.

Humidity. Surface Dry: 30 – 45 minutes

Hard Dry: 6 hours

Recoating Interval: 6-8 hours
Thinner Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)
Finish Smooth and Matt
Coverage 12-15 2 / Itr / coat by brush on a smooth prepared surface
Application Brush / Spray
Shade Self Standard (White)
Clean Up Clean all equipment with MTO immediately after use
Packings 20 It / 10 It / 4 It / 1 It / 500 ml / 200 ml
Material Handling Store in a cool & dry place. Stir well b ore use. Tightly seal container when not in use Do not over dilute

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